English Teacher in Primaryschool

Location: China > Laiwu City/ Shandong Province

Employer: Primary school

Salary: 13500 RMB/ month (2820 AU$/ month

Job Details

  1. Job Vacancies:       English teacher in kindergarten or primary school
  2. Teaching Content:  English
  3. Teaching Hours:     22 Hours per week
  4. Office Hours:           40 Hours per week
  5. Working Days:         5 days
  6. Students’ Age:      3-12 year old 
  7. Class Size:              Less than 14 students 
  8. Duration:              30 minutets


  1. Nationality:               English speaking countries
  2. Degree:                     Bachelors degree
  3. Age Required:            22-35 year old
  4. Experience:               2 years’ working experience ( except majored in education )
  5. Arrival time:              Available in 2 weeks
  6. Other Requirement:   Good at oral English teaching

    Terms of Employment

    Contract Length:          1year or 2 years

    Salary:                                 13500RMB/ month  (2820 AUD/ month; 700 AUD/Week)

    Airfare Allowance:       Yes

    Insurance:                          Basic Health insurance

    Apartment                         Apartment with furniture and facilities or allowance

    Utility:                                   Paid by school 

    Meals Offered:                To be discussed

    Over time Allowance:  Yes

    Holidays:                             Public holidays

    Paid Holidays:                 11 days paid annual leave

    Visa:                                       Working visa

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