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Available Teaching Jobs in China

No. Name Location Employer Content Salary
1 English Teacher in Kindergarten China > Suzhou Jiangsu state China Song of Songs kindergarten

English Teacher in Kindergarten

20,000 -23,000 RMB/ month (4,200-4,840 AU$/ month; 1,000-1200 AU$/Week)
2 English Teacher in primary school China > Suzhou city Jiangsu state China Suzhou Qiao Le ton Enterprise Management Consulting

English teacher in primary School

15,000 RMB/ month (3,160 AU$/ month; 780 AU$/Week)
3 English Teacher in primary & Secondary school China > Yantai city Shandong state China YANTAI AIHUA BILIGUAL SCHOOL

English teacher in primary and Secondary School

15,000 RMB/ month (3,160 AU$/ month; 780 AU$/Week)
4 English teacher in Kindergarten China > Binzhou City / Shandong Province Kindergarten

Teaching English

Salary: 13500 RMB/ month (2820 AU$/ month)
5 English Teacher in University China > Haerbin/ Dongbei State Heilongjiang International University (HIU)

Monthly Salary above 7000RMB with 5 months paid holiday.  

working month salary above 12000RMB

6 English Teacher in Primary School China > Dongying City/ Shangdong Province Primary School

Teaching English

13500 RMB/ month (2820 AU$/ month)
7 English Teacher in Primaryschool China > Laiwu City/ Shandong Province Primary school
Teaching English
13500 RMB/ month (2820 AU$/ month
8 Director of International Education Services China > Beijing A famous international Kindergarten
Mid-level Management position
    RMB 40,000/month ( AU$: 8,300/month)
    9 English Teacher in Kindergarten China > Beijing A Famous international Kindergarten
    Teaching English
    Per month: RMB 18,000 (AU$ 3,750)

    ESL teaching jobs | Jobs in China

    There are over 1 billion students worldwide learning English, and it is only expected to expand.

    Due to the rising global business market, and the English language dominating the spectrum as the most accepted language when it comes to international business, more and more students around the globe are finding ways to learn, and further their English studies.

    Because of this, the need for ESL teaching jobs has boomed, and has become a massive trend amongst ESL teachers, both online, and in schools. Connecting with students abroad, and helping make a difference, is one of the most rewarding achievements one could encounter. Trust me.

    Thanks to the internet, and portable devices, it’s super easy to share your knowledge with an eager to learn student. You can literally teach from anywhere in the world, only requiring an internet connection. From Belgium to the Bahamas, from Chicago to Chile, Tokyo to London, and from Adelaide to Beijing, you can have an ESL teaching job. Anywhere. I smell freedom. More, and more countries are jumping at this opportunity, and it’s easy to see why! The students gain their own tutor, one on one. All the focus is on furthering their education.

    Alternatively, if you are experienced in a classroom environment, then perhaps an ESL job in a school is your preferred career. There are a myriad jobs in China, to help further the education of kindergarten, and primary students, right up to the intermediate and college level.

    Experience the quality of the education system in mainland China, by being part of it. With over 30 locations, scattered around the mainland, and our experienced management, and staff, we can make this a dream come true. Live, and teach English, in China.

    RealTeachers offers the suited teacher, a chance of a lifetime. With accommodation, flights, visas, and health care, taken care of, here’s your ultimate chance to experience the picturesque landscapes, the vast scenery, the food, the people, the language, and the culture, of this amazing country. You will make a huge difference to a classroom of smiling faces. All waiting for instruction, from an ESL teacher who is up for a new challenge. For those of you who are already experienced in such a venture, then you know where I am coming from.

    ESL teaching jobs, and offering our candidates jobs in China, is our main focus, and passion.