Teaching English Overseas


-- Author: Jenny Carr B.Ed. (TESOL)

Have you ever wanted to teach English abroad but don't know how to make this happen? Are you concerned you may not be qualified or that you lack teaching experience? Are you afraid you might feel isolated and lonely? Are you generally excited by the prospect but find the idea of organising such an experience overwhelming? If you answered yes to any of these questions, RealTeachers Pty Ltd, with an established network of partner schools in China, could be the answer. Since RealTeachers Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne, staff are accessible and can provide comprehensive support to prospective teachers.

Teaching English in China

RealTeachers Pty Ltd provides an opportunity for you to secure a teaching position in China at a kindergarten, primary school or secondary school. RealTeachers Pty Ltd can also assist you in organising the necessary paperwork associated with obtaining Visas and Work Permits and in negotiating the work contracts.


You do need to be degree educated. If you have a Bachelor degree or above in Education or Teaching, you are qualified to teach in China. If you have a Bachelor degree or above in other majors, you will need two years of teaching experience or a TEFL or TESOL Certificate to be qualified. A TEFL or TESOL Certificate can be achieved by taking a short online course which is well within your capabilities if you are tertiary educated. RealTeachers Pty Ltd can assist you in obtaining this certificate and has arrangements in place which will allow you to complete the online course at very low cost. Furthermore, you do not need to have previous teaching experience, because RealTeachers Pty Ltd can provide you online teaching experience if that is required.

It is essential that you like young people and are adaptable. Living and teaching abroad is exciting and for the vast majority of people, very rewarding but as with all new endeavours it can present challenges.


Apart from the fact that teaching abroad is a great adventure, the experience can have very positive consequences for your future career. Familiarity with the Chinese culture is likely to be viewed as highly desirable by many future employers and as a necessity by some. Having successfully worked in a foreign country tells future employers a great deal about your resourcefulness and adaptability, regardless of your chosen field.

The cost of living in China is much lower than in Australia, though of course, as in any country, the cost of living in major cities is greater than in smaller cities. Nevertheless, depending on your lifestyle, you will be able to save a large portion of your salary. In short, you will be investing a year of your time and gaining invaluable experience and considerable financial reward.

Possible Challenges

In China you will rarely feel 'alone' but may initially find the cultural differences a little challenging as you would in any foreign country. You can minimise the likelihood of this by attending any cultural briefings offered by RealTeachers Pty Ltd and asking any questions you may have before deciding to take up a position. In addition, you may like to do some independent research. While no-one will expect you to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Chinese cultural norms and practices, having some knowledge of the host culture before arrival is a great way to demonstrate respect and build positive relationships with your Chinese colleagues.


RealTeachers Pty Ltd has positions waiting to be filled. To discuss this opportunity further please contact Ms Belinda Jiang 0433489486 or belindajiang2008@gmail.com

-- Jenny Carr B.Ed. (TESOL)