Teaching English Overseas

Teaching In China During Your Gap Year

A fair amount of students who choose to have a Gap year during their education, need time off to rest, travel, and or work to gain some life experience. Teaching English abroad covers these reasons, and makes it possible to achieve them, during the break.

To live and teach within the beautiful country of mainland China, is simply breathtaking, and rewarding. The picturesque landscapes, the bustling cities, the amazing coastlines, and the professionalism that the schools pride themselves on, are just a few reasons to teach English abroad during your Gap year.

With over a billion students worldwide, there are plenty of jobs overseas for ESL teachers. China hosts a large portion of this number, with a high demand for English educators. With the correct qualifications, and certifications, it’s considerably easy to gain employment. With a BA, and a TESOL certificate under your belt, you have opened up many great, and unmissable opportunities.

Whether you wish to begin a career in teaching in China, or are interested in travelling while earning some extra coin, and seeing the world, this opportunity is second to none. You will gain plenty of life experience, along with the reward of educating the eager to learn, smiling students. The qualification to teach English also sits nicely in your resume.

The easiest way to make this dream come true, is to go through a reputable business, with the sole aim of looking after their teachers who wish to teach English abroad. RealTeachers is a professional company, who do just that. With over 10 years experience, and with over 50 cities in direct contact, it is easy to see why RealTeachers is a leading business in this employment field.

Some of the key benefits that RealTeachers provides are:

-   A healthy pay check.

-   Round trip flight allowance, including airport transfers.

-   Free accommodation.

-   Local health insurance, and health checks.

-   Maximum 40 hours teaching per week. (Most schools only require around 25).

-   2 days off each week.

-   Paid Chinese public holidays.

-   Legal working type Z Visa.

-   Local residency permit.

-   24/7 English speaking phone support.

-   Start up assistance. (Bank, phone, etc.)

-   A reputable Chinese employer.

So if you need a rest from the University lifestyle, and wish to further the education of the ever growing amount of students, willing to learn English, take a Gap year, and become an ESL teacher in China.

Email us at: info@realteachers.com for more information.

Let’s begin this amazing, rewarding, and life changing journey.