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Living in China on a teacher’s budget - Teach English overseas

Are you living in China, or looking to teach English overseas? Have you thought about the living costs? Can you get by? If you are concerned about teacher’s wages in China, read on.

Budget is a thing that everyone thinks about, at some stage or another. It’s really not worth losing sleep over, providing you are smart with your money, and have an idea or plan about your future. Now, I’m not here to be your financial advisor, but hear me out.

Being an ESL teacher in China is no different. Are you a party animal? Or do you compare yourself to a ‘Nanna’? If you chose the party animal lifestyle, then you probably like to eat out, indulge in the drinking culture, and maybe even try your lucky hand. If you are a ‘Nanna’, then you are already ahead.

China is a fantastic option, if you are looking too teach English overseas. Most schools will happily organise and pay for your Z visa and provide you with a comfortable, and fully furbished accomodation close to the school. A huge kick start! Health care and airfares are often acknowledged, and can be included in the deal. As an ESL teacher living in China, you will also receive a healthy pay check. The higher your qualifications, and the more experience you have, the more chance of earning a higher buck!

So, this brings us to our topic: Living in China on a teacher’s budget.

English teachers in China earn a great salary, enough to live comfortably at least. You can also save a chunk if you are wise with your spendings. Depending on your experience and qualifications, you can earn up to $5,000AUD per month. The majority of us start with a wage of between $2k and $2.5K. Another factor is where you live, while you teach English overseas. Obviously, if you live in a big city, like Beijing or Shanghai you can expect to pay for a larger lifestyle. Larger cities are understandably more popular with foreign teachers, thanks to their exotic global flair and familiarity. The food, the shopping and the rent will be more expensive. On the other side of the coin, if you choose to live in a smaller city, expect the cost of living to be a lot lower, but offer a stronger cultural experience. This is the perfect option for teachers who wish to be closer to nature, history and the true cultural richness that China has to offer.

In conclusion, living in China on a teacher’s budget is quite easy. You should be in a very comfortable position, whichever lifestyle you wish to follow.