Teaching English Overseas

Living in China

Living in China, would be amazing. 

Living in China, would be amazing. The breathtaking scenery, the unforgettable history, the tastiest food, the world renowned culture, and most importantly, the people. This would be something unimaginable to most. 

Would you like to get out of the daily grind? Want to try something new? Do you have a passion to do something amazing, and make a difference? 

Living in China | Experiencing the Culture

Living in China, there are variety of taste, from spices of the West, to the beautiful sweet foods of the South. From the Great Wall, to the great beaches. Temples, to ruins. The song, the dance and the great seasonal dragons. The magical festivals, to the quiet, slow pace of the country side. Witness the forests, the ocean, and the open fields, to market culture, and of course heritage. The lanterns, and language. 

If you are a new graduate, or someone who is facing the very real challenge of finding on-going work in Australia, you may already see the advantage of gaining work experience by teaching English abroad. Alternatively, you may be an experienced professional in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s who has had a successful career, and is looking for a new challenge. 

Live in China | Tasting Awe Inspiring Place

What do you know about mainland China? Would you live in China? Let me assure you, once you’ve had a taste of this awe inspiring place, it’s hard to come home. 

RealTeachers helps you living in China

RealTeachers gives you this opportunity, to live in China,teach English in China. Live close to your preferred school. Be a part of the culture. Share stories, and jokes. And in return, take it all in. You will have full support of our experienced management, and staff. You can trust us, on this.
Make a massive difference to all the little lives. Be the English teacher that they need.
Every week, we send a handful of successful candidates to live, and breathe this amazing opportunity. They are already making a difference.
Our candidates are making great money, living the dream, and have a life, they never thought was possible.
Give it a try. It’s great fun. Get paid to teach English, and enjoy you time of living in China. See you in China!