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Working from Home - ESL teaching jobs

Have you ever wanted to work from home?

Have you ever thought about planning your own work schedule, organising your own breaks, not having to drive to work (or catching public transport), making a coffee when it’s convenient, and not having to leave your heated room on a cold day? Well, I’m sure you have. It sounds like an excellent idea to me! So, how can we achieve this? Well, it’s quite simple. Become an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, and teach English online. All from the safety, and comfort of your own home.

Teaching English online has been around for a while now, and due to the advancements in technology, (especially in the number of accessible WIFI hotspots, and more secure networks), it is now a lot easier to work from home, or from anywhere you desire. Ultimately, it replaces the need to dress up and put on a brave face for the daily grind that awaits you in the office, shop floor or whatever awaits you during the “9-5”.

Working from home has become a new trend for ESL teachers, as it offers you a new outlook on life, and a rewarding experience like no other. You will also make an enormous impact on the eager to learn student’s lives, from the comfort of your own humble abode. Trust me, I’ve been achieving this for a while now.

The busier the world becomes, the less time there is to focus on the important things. English education being one of them.

China has millions of students seeking to acquire the English language, prompting the demand for qualified ESL teachers. Therefore, parents across the mainland are connecting with native English speakers to help further their child’s education. There are a couple of ways for them to achieve this connection, and one of them is very convenient for a qualified ESL teacher, willing to undertake the rewarding role of teaching English online.

The only qualification required, is a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. Backed with a fun and energetic approach, a love for children and a passion for teaching English, you are already on your way to work from home.

“We play games, laugh, and most importantly learn together. At the same time, I deliver a fun filled lesson in a comfortable atmosphere. It’s so fun, and so very rewarding. Making a difference, is something I’ve always aspired to achieve, and I fully believe that I am doing it.” - Rocket Rees.

They say. “Home is where the heart is”. Becoming an ESL teacher, and working from home means you can be anywhere in the world, providing there is a stable internet connection. If you don’t want to work from home, you could work from your favourite cafe, a friends house or from an island beach. Sounds too good to be true, right? Sounds like a dream. Portable WIFI hotspots are easily accessible in this day and age, making it easy to teach English from wherever you wish.

So why not give it a go, and make a difference? 

RealTeachers can help you achieve this dream.