Teaching English Overseas

The Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English Abroad means either living in China or teaching English online

Have you ever experienced an ‘itch’ to travel, or try something completely new? Like being more than a tourist, and teaching English in a classroom environment in the beautiful country of China? How about the idea of teaching English from your own home, wherever you maybe? Teaching English Abroad, can mean either living in China, or teaching English online, therefore giving you the flexibility to be completely remote. Meaning you only need a direct connection, or stable Wi-Fi.

If you’re the type of person, who wishes to be located, and secure in one of over 30 cities in mainland China, then we can help.  You will reside in a nice, fully furbished apartment (paid by us) near your school of employment. We will also cover your airfares, health cover, and visas. What more could you ask for?

Teaching English abroad is a lot of fun

Ah, freedom. If you prefer to travel, or stay in the comfort of your own home, then perhaps consider teaching online. Teaching English abroad is a lot of fun, and the pay is very competitive. Gaining extra cash whilst travelling, is quite an attractive offer. With stable data tethering, you could chill out on a beach, a roof top cafe, or in your own home, and fulfil your duties, as an online ESL teacher. It literally doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re connected! 

Teaching English abroad will certainly make a massive difference to someone’s life. Yours, or the eager to learn English students, who are aching to build their future. Take in all the happy faces, and laughter during school hours. Take in all the scenic views, and picturesque landscapes of China. Take in all the benefits, RealTeachers has to offer. Believe me, there is nothing more rewarding!

We have the solution, to breaking free of the monotony that is the ‘reality’, of slaving away in a boring office environment. Teaching English abroad, is the answer.

Make a difference. Live the dream. Have fun. Suck in the scenery. Absorb the benefits.

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