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ESL Teaching Jobs in China for Native English Speakers -- ESL Teaching jobs for Australians

ESL Teaching jobs for Australians

Are you Australian, and wish to teach English abroad? Well, you’ve come to the right page. Actually, if you’re a native English speaker, and seeking employment in the field of ESL teaching, this may be the hotspot for you, also! But don’t be put off if you are not a native speaker, we have positions available for everyone! Have you considered teaching English in China?

A native speaker means you have learned and used English from an early age, and are usually from a native speaking country, such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, U.K, or U.S.A.

Maybe you are already travelling, or still at home, scratching your head trying to find a way out. Do you have the passion to travel, and would like to earn some coin while you do so?

If you have already checked in to many hostels, collected flags, or taken selfies in front of tourist hotspots, you have probably experienced what we call ‘Wanderlust’.

You have already gained some life experience in the variety of cultures, food, and languages. From the inconsistent climates, the rocky sides of mountains, and the smooth tranquil surroundings of the open fields, to the relaxation brought by the soothing waves under the hazy sky, and the tight turns of the hectic traffic of the bustling cities. You may have seen many countries, and plan to see many more. If you have already witnessed these eye opening situations, I assume you are like me, and have looked for a way to find a job overseas, to leave the monotony of ‘the grind’.

This is real. Please read on.

Have you ever hiked or flown through mainland China, whether it be a holiday, or for business? The photographic horizons, and the breathtaking fields. So stunning!  If you have, would you ever consider living, and teaching in China?

There are lots of jobs overseas, for native speakers ready to take the next step. There are literally millions of eager to learn students, awaiting tuition from a native English speaking teacher, willing to teach English abroad. Due to the rising demand of students needing qualified teachers to help further their education, it is easy to see why teaching English as a second language, (or ESL employment in China) has boomed, causing many Australians to jump at this life changing opportunity. You will be rewarded by the smiling student’s grades, as you help them to accomplish their mission of learning the English language.

If you are a new graduate, or someone who is facing the very real challenge of finding on-going work in Australia, you may already see the advantage of gaining work experience by teaching English abroad. Alternatively, you may be an experienced professional in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s who has had a successful career, and is looking for a new challenge.

A typical day for an Australian ESL teacher in China, consists of arriving promptly to school, to deliver a professional lesson to the class in a warm, and safe atmosphere to ensure maximum acquisition of the English language.

To teach in abroad is something else. Schools in China have state of the art classrooms, providing everything an ESL teacher needs to fully conduct a professional ESL lesson. They pride themselves on quality. Be a quality ESL teacher, and help make a difference.

All you need is a bachelor degree (or above), and a TESOL (or equivalent), and you are already on your way, to teach in China.

We hope to see you there, living the dream, and taking on the new challenges that await you!