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Teaching English in China


RealTeachers Pty Ltd is a leading, professional, and reputable recruitment, and consultant company based in Melbourne, Australia. With more than 10 years experience in the education industry in China, we focus on high quality education, and professionalism.

We provide a one stop solution for people who are interested in work opportunities for teaching English in China, or teaching English online. We have more than 1000 English teaching positions, in more than 50 cities across mainland China, and these working opportunities are mainly based in school classrooms, covering all ages, and learning levels. From kindergartens to universities, to world famous international schools, RealTeachers can provide a career for candidates willing to take the next step. We also run high level management positions in the education industry for qualified teachers, with at least five years working experience.

Most importantly, we care for our candidates by providing free professional consultation, and low cost on-the-job training to help them carefully plan, and develop their long term career in the education industry in both China, and Australia.

The teaching positions we offer, are open to graduates of any discipline, up to 55 years of age. Those without English teaching qualifications can obtain the necessary certification, by undergoing an online TESOL course. RealTeachers are currently offering this course for a very competitive price.

Can’t speak Chinese? No problem. Armed with a Bachelor degree, and a TESOL certification, you are already eligible to apply! To gain experience, RealTeachers also offer online teaching positions, where you can tutor students from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may be, so long as you have a stable internet connection.

RealTeachers focuses on helping candidates work, and reside in China. Open up to this amazing opportunity, and further the education of the billions of students willing to learn the English language. Experience a new lifestyle amongst the picturesque landscapes, and absorb the wonderful culture of mainland China. Make a difference. Let RealTeachers help you achieve this dream.

We hope to see you there!

Contracts – general provisions

• Between one to two years

• 25 Hours of face-to-face teaching per week

• Free round-trip airfares

• Free accommodation

• Airport pick up by local school

• Assistance with setting up bank accounts, mobile phones etc.

• 24 hour telephone and WeChat support (English language)

• All Chinese national holidays

• Salary up to ¥40, 000 per month (current exchange rate is ¥4.8 = AU$1.00 dated on 01/06/2018)

• No tax on the income for Australian citizens

Teaching English in China | Possible provisions (varies from school to school)

• Annual local travel allowance

• Opportunity to study Mandarin at very low cost

• Subsidised lunch at your school each day

• New students bonus

• Birthday parties

ENGLISH TEACHING JOBS | Online teaching opportunities

RealTeachers offers an amazing opportunity to teach English online, either from Australia, or China.

We offer people a unique life, and a great career development experience, with opportunities to build your international, professional, and personal skills from day one of your career, in the comfort of your own home!

Come along to our presentations to hear more details, and learn how you can start your new, exciting and rewarding experience in China - the most populated country in the world!

What do I need to teach English in China?

To teach English in China, is a life full of reward. More and more teachers are opening up to the idea, and trying something new. Not only is it rewarding for the teacher, but also for the many smiling students, they will no doubt encounter within their career.

A native English speaker, armed with a TESOL/TEFL (or equivalent) certification, can find great teaching opportunities in many countries around the globe. Each year many Americans, Australians, Britons, Canadians, and New Zealanders are jumping on this amazing trend amongst E.S.L teachers, by the thousands, all ready to teach English in China. RealTeachers are connected to over 50 cities, scattered across mainland China, with teaching jobs ranging from Kinder level, to University lecturing, and everything in between. Even if you are a non-native English speaker, but fluent in English speaking, and writing, there are still ample possibilities.

Most schools in China would also like some professional experience (though not in all cases), and private language schools often require a Bachelor degree, along with the TESOL/TEFL certification. Adding a Bachelor degree, only opens up more teaching English job opportunities of, and possibly a healthier pay check. Legal Documents, like Passports, and correct visas, is a must, and it’s also highly recommended to have a police background check.

RealTeachers opens up this dream, and makes it so very easy to teach English in China. Haven’t got your TEFL certificate? We can help. We will also cover your round trip, including airport pickup, and of course your accommodation, which we will locate as close to the school as possible. Sounds too good to be true! With our highly experienced management, and extremely helpful staff, we will see to that you are very well looked after, with 24/7 support. We will even help with setting up your bank account!

Key benefits of teaching English in China

Salary up to $ 8,330AUD(After Tax) 2 Days Off Each Week
Round-Trip Flight Allowance Paid Chinese Public Holidays
Free Airport Pickup on Arrival Legal Working Visa & Residency Permit
Free Accommodation 24/7 In-Country English Speaking Support
Health Insurance Start-Up Assistance (Bank, Phone, etc.)
Maximum 40 Teaching Hours per Week A Reputable Chinese Employer

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The best way to spend my spare time

Working with Real Teachers gives me flexibility to teach when and where I want. With today’s hectic schedules and the internet connecting all corners of the world, online teaching is an innovative, exciting and extremely rewarding form of education and teaching.

-- Ike, from Melbourne

I am a fully qualified ESL teacher, and my aim is to deliver my personal lessons to students of all levels and ages. I have been with RealTeachers since August ‘17, and have already acquired many amazing students. I have full support, from my peers and mentors, and I completely enjoy teaching all the little ones in a fun filled, comfortable, and completely free environment. I now experience teaching from the comfort of my own home, and have the ability to live anywhere, thanks to the flexibility of this amazing online teaching career. The staff here are wonderful, and you will find all the best teachers, here at RealTeachers.

-- Rocket Rees, - Adelaide

Have you ever considered teaching English in China?

China has the largest education system on the planet. The millions of eager to learn students, are calling for quality teachers to make a positive difference to their lives. Be the one to make that difference, by teaching English in China.

Does the idea, of living in a beautiful place, surrounded by a picturesque landscape, amongst the modern, and traditional architecture of the bustling, or more peaceful cities of mainland China, sound like something amazing?

RealTeachers offers a real dream opportunity to reside, and teach English in China, in one of over 30 locations.

If you are a new graduate, have at least 2 years work experience, or majored in education with no work experience, and facing the very real challenge of finding on going work in Australia, you may already see the benefits of this awesome opportunity- teaching English in China.

Maybe you already have experience in teaching, and need a change, or a new challenge. Or maybe just to see a new part of the world.

Whatever the circumstance, we could have a position, suitable for you.

Teaching English in China, enables you to live the dream, explore the scenic lands of China, make a difference to the students lives, be rewarded with a smile, and healthy pay check. Check out the great quality of the schools, for yourself!

Believe us, we understand the benefits of such an offer. Who wouldn’t want to make a difference?

If this sounds out of your comfort zone, we assure you will have full support from our friendly and professional management team, and fellow teachers, in the same environment.

We offer free accommodation, close to the chosen school, and round trip flights, with airport transfers, for your convenience. We also offer TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers OF other Languages) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training. Other benefits include health insurance, 24/7 support from our staff, and paid public holidays. How good is that!? Come on, teach English in China.

If this sounds like the life you’ve been dreaming of, contact our team, get ready to be teaching English in China, and let’s get your journey underway!

Key People/Management at RealTeachers

Belinda Kappe


Founder and CEO

Expert in both Australia and China in teaching for over 20 years

May Li

Avatar: May Li


Doctor in University of Texas, USA
Senior lecturer in Melbourne Uni, AU

Shawn Jiang

Avatar Shawn Jiang


Director of Assessment/Program Development and Innovation

Meihong Lu

Avatar: Meihong Lu


Senior executive in China telecom industry, founder and CEO of a logistics company, has rich management experience, proficient in Chinese, English and Japanese

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